Disneyland Back In The Day

I miss the Skyway---Vintage Disneyland: The Monorail zips past the Matterhorn while Skyway buckets glide through it, as viewed from the Alice in Wonderland elevated track.

Flying Saucers plagued by repair issues were open from 1961 - 1966.

Vintage Disneyland: See these blast from the past photos

flying saucers - disneyland in Tomorrowland. This was once my favorite ride! So glad it inspired California Adventure "Luigi" ride.


The ALWEG monorail company test track in Fühlingen, a suburb of Cologne, Germany. It was developed in Germany by a Swedish engineer. The first version of ALWEG was designed to be a intercity high speed rail system. The sub-scale test track.

Walt Disney on the inaugural voyage of the Skyway. <3

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Walt Disney World Monorail System - Your Express Highway in the Sky!

Walt Disney World Monorail System Monorail Red - Mark VI EPCOT Why is it that when you want to shoot a picture of a monorail there is not one to be found? Patience is not a virtue that I am know well for amongst my peers but one of the tranquil aspe


The Walt Disney Company In Disneyland introduced the Bob Gurr-designed monorail, seen here passing over another Gurr creation, the Autopia cars. Note how the Autopia track now had a center guide rail.