I love you papa! I miss you so much! And I wish you are here with me! But I know you are up in heaven with my daddy! I love you so much and I miss you lots! Love, your favorite granddaughter, Zoee

The whole 90% thing is a lie. It's actually pretty slim that that would happen but ya know. You can go ahead and hope.

These stupid chain posts are just Minotaur schist made up by some idiot with no life who wants to feel like they have control over you. You have no obligation to repost this. I however am reposting this just in case

It's for God.  Dang some freaking people only do it for the "jinx" or the "lie". Stop it. Do it for God not yourself

People repost this and then look at their watch like "what's gonna happen?

I don't even HAVE 14 friends so I'll just Repin it so everyone can see>> I'd like to be able to babysit my friends puppy when she's gone thanks

Not pinning for the chain mail, but for the overall message of the pin. I think God could careless how many people you send it to , just that you trust in him . Not sure if it counts to just pin it on your biggest board.

Makes me pray Olivia's heart issue didn't come to this. What a cutie this baby is.

Three-month old Joey Powling has become a viral hit, after his post-surgery photo meme-fied him as the “Ridiculously Good-looking Surgery Baby.

I don't expect anyone to repost or send this to ten people, hell i don't even know if i know ten fecking people, i just thought it was cute!!! :-)

I have to pin it to 10 things.- <<< I more posted it for the facts cause they are mostly true