Alfred F Jones (America) headcanon Hetalia

America or how tired he really is.bc he must be so exhausted from it all

Edit made by francis bonnefoy<- YES I DID <- IM DYING <<< xD This is wonderful <<< more than WONDERFUL !!!

Edit made by francis bonnefoy<- YES<<< sharquisha the eyebrow

But Canada always gets accepted unlike you, America<<<Shots fired

But Canada always gets accepted unlike you, America<<<Shots fired<<<apply cold water to that BUUUUUUUURN

America, sometimes you just make me so happy I can't help but yo cry...

I'm glad he liked the movie~! /: No mattter what anyone says Tarzan has always been my favorite Disney movie

America Headcanon. (As someone who has self harmed, I know how America was feeling)

America Headcanon<<aww america don't do dat boy. You will always be the hero ❤

He invented the atomic bomb! Let's not forget also how many inventions came from him huh a shit ton that's how many.

Harrison Ford, Steve Jobs, NASA, The Wright brothers, the list goes on and on.

...I thought Erik Sagaser looked like America...

i can srsly believe this headcannon xD But, imagine if Alfred attended your high school or college. Like if you agree would ace american history XD

Headcanon accepted. I love this idea so much....

Hetalia Headcanons - World Meeting Potlucks! Such a thoughtful and intriguing headcanon. I totally accept it. What would Canada bring? Pancakes and Maple Syrup?