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nope, that's it. where's canada so I can just give him a great big hug

where's canada so I can just give him a great big hug<<<<no Canada.we can see you.

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I was just reading a sad USUK fic and I came here to laugh and like I find this HELP ME

Lol! XD

I've been laughing at the dialog for this for ages, but somebody actually drew a pic to go with it! My life is now complete. I can't breathe, this is so perfect. America Canada France England and Italy

Arthur’s Nap by とこ - Hetalia - America / England / Canada

Hetalia, cute comic, America and Canada help England to bed. I'm so like England here.


I always think it's really awesome when Canada and America go around annoying people<<yup

Hetalia-Romano chibi and Spain!

I would love to imagine that whenever Romano goes to war, he would still dive bomb people XD. Just like: WAKE UP YOU FUCKING BASTARD! And hit the person straight on the head<<yes