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psychopathic-moves: ““ what are they thinking about ” I got to color these gorgeous lines by (But also make myself suffer bc of my horrible taste in lighting) They were so neat and.

No place I would rather be by Demona-Silverwing on DeviantArt

One of the 100 themes. Also, "Stanchurian Candidate" was really hurtful for me, all I can think of now are hurt/comfort themes (or just "hurt").

i really wanted to draw that fire circle surrounding Ford in his nightmare - and the reprise of Dead Girl Walking from the Heathers musical does fit.. a little? i don’t think i can explain why i chose this song ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (ok but imagine: Ford as Veronica and Bill as JD - someone make a music vid pls XD) (via cirilee on tumblr)

<- I want then to live happy and safe! If my old nerd dies I 'll be very very sad (good comic, tho) Love the use of Dead Girl Walking (reprise) in this.

yN7oYEJ.png (814×6658)

OP: "Basically if the twin’s relationship is a little rocky afterwards, I hope…

This is Amazing!!!

birbykind: we used to play outside when we were young and full of life and full of love RIP GRAVITY FALLS *TEARS*

Rchavakiah Melchiori

“ ““Hello, it’s Grunkle Stan and I have a riddle for you…” ” I cant be the only who teared up a little after hearing his voice again. ” CIPHER HUNT, tha's what I've been doing all this day.

Kodoku no Kansokusha — It feels like it was yesterday

Kodoku no Kansokusha — It feels like it was yesterday<<<< oh I was so confused and now I'm kinda sad


It’s for this Gravity Falls aesthetic MAP, where you have to animate/draw something pertaining to the feelings you get from a.