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Billboard Signs, Communication

55 Big, Bold & Creative Billboard Designs

Coops Paints/Nationwide Advertisement Great ad on side of building in Columbus. OH. Note the cars covered in the paint and the Nationwide ad on the right with their line, "life comes at you fast".

billboard !!

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Billboard Signs, Communication

246 Ad Campaigns and PSAs That Really Get Your Attention (CLUSTER)

243 Ad Campaigns and PSAs That Really Get Your Attention

41 Unique Billboards That Push the Advertising Envelope - When a billboard is boring, it’s a brutal waste of money; a unique billboard, however, is positively compelling.

#uaucommunication #uaufestival #daniloarlenghi #clubmc

#uaucommunication #uaufestival #daniloarlenghi #clubmc

HP3 Zoom Billboard

HP Zoom Billboards “Instant Gratification” Print Campaign Printer’s actual size is shown in the magazine and photo insert was printed on HP paper to show its quality.