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Design 21 - The Cyclist's Empire   Available at www.100copies.net for USD $55 A celebration of New York’s rise as a cycling city. 7 different types of bicycle tyre tracks were used to create the Empire State Building, to reflect New York’s ever-growing tribe of cyclists – from the daily commuter to the delivery boy.

21 - The Cyclist's Empire

There are only 100 Copies of this "Empire State Building" print, made from a bicycle tire wheel, rolled in black ink on paper. Printed in 100 copies only, they used 7 different types of bikes and wheels.

737 graffiti project looks awesome

hangfire-painted-plane-graffiti artists sat one and roids spray paint an entire boeing 737

Geometric Sculptures by Platonov Pavel6

Geometric Sculptures by Platonov Pavel


The Chinese New Year falls on January 2014 and in Edinburgh, it is ushered with the Lanterns of Terracotta Army. They are 90 brightly colored, illuminated sculptures crafted by Chinese artist Xia Nan and are installed at the Edinburgh University


Fresh adverising campaign for the Israeli bookstore chain Steimatzky wonders what it would be like to take your favorite literary character to bed with you.

Studio Shelf's one-day-a-month office in a public space to interact with people in Cape Town, South Africa.

How to Be a Citizen Placemaker: Think Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper - Project for Public Spaces