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Multi-function Walking Stick III -  Torch Bearer

Multi-function Walking Stick III - Torch Bearer

Add a torch to the top of a Hiking Staff to illuminate your way. The VIDEO shows the torch in action. This is Part 3 in the Multi-Function Walking Stick.

Many People Like The Idea Of Carrying Paracord But Few Know How To Actually Use It To Survive. Here Are 35 Paracord Uses For Your Survival Paracord.

Our exclusive patent-pending Bronze SurvivorCord adds 3 essential survival strands to TITAN's high-performance Mil-Spec 550 paracord: FISHING LINE - Includes a single transparent, 25 lb test, high str

A Long-Term Survival Guide - Make a Survival Staff | Scribd

How to make your own custom hiking staff, with survival items concealed inside. by buckonbeach in Types > Instruction manuals > Gadgets, survival e survival skills

High Performance Survival Grappling Hook (Gravity Hook)

High Performance Survival Grappling Hook (Gravity Hook)

Grappling hooks have come a long way and with this masterpiece, it's one of the most essential tools for anyone who loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, or fishing. Very Limited Quantity Available!


Shatterproof and waterproof premium emergency survival kit with 10 high quality tools and gadgets included

Survival Walking Stick Parts List: 1. 1.5"x58-60" Solid Wood Pole or Unfinished Walking Stick (I bought a 5' length of 1.5" Pine Rod from Home Depot, sold by the foot) 2. 2-3 D-cell Maglight (preferably used and then send to a local repair center to get the O-rings replaced) 3. 20mm Diameter Compass 4. 20mm Thermometer 5. Paracord 6. 1 1/8" (28mm) Alpine Spike (also known as Metal Spike Ferrule) 7. Alpine Spike Rubber Tip 8. Zinc Coupler for Walking Cane 9. 1.25" Rou...

Survival Walking Stick

Traditional walking stick blanks

How to Make Your Walking Stick with a Natural Wood Handle

How to make your walking stick from natural wood like Blackthorn. Learn how to choose blanks, clean, and attach a natural wood handle. Making a blackthorn walking stick.

A light hiking trailer , deer drag

Originally a Deer Drag but could possibly be retooled to be a litter.

Survival Hiking Stick 2.0

These hiking sticks are one of a kind, and will be the most versatile and unique hiking stick on the trail. They are made from a kiln dried hardw…