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Eszenyi Gabor's architectural sculptures are rather amazing. Strange collages of style and form blend together in these creations (though I do have a predilection for odd angular towers).


盆栽とSFが融合した冒険と迷宮のミニチュア 相羽高徳

Artist Takanori Aiba (the bonsai tree house guy) is interviewed at My Modern Met. Click through to see his other work and hear what he has to say. This work is called "Ice Cream Packages Tower.

相羽高徳氏(TAKANORI AIBA)によるミニチュア盆栽ツリーハウス16

The Japanese art of raising bonsai trees is a beautiful way to infuse greenery into indoor spaces. But artist Takanori Aiba takes the art to a new level with his incredibly intricate series of bonsai castles. The Japanese artist carves miniature m.

plan of the house by "pomyslownia"

Found on the attic in the dusted archive of the Gnomes Maps and Schemes Repositorium is the drawing of Baba Yagas chicken-legged hut.

Fantasy terrain by Tabletop World September Blacksmith’s Forge released) - Forum - DakkaDakka

This artist carves miniature and complex dwellings in the branches of bonsai

Cet artiste sculpte des habitations miniatures et complexes dans les branches de bonsaïs

Artist is Takanori Aiba he is from Japan. The name of this piece is, Ice Cream Packages Tower. It is so intricate.

Miniature Villages and Cityscapes in Bonsai trees by Takanori Aiba, , (varying sizes). - Album on Imgur

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Mineatures and Bonsai Trees: the work of Takanori Aiba, a Japanese wizard of miniature artistry with a specialty in making Bonsai treehouses and tiny tourist resorts from a parallel universe.


Eszenyi Gabor’s architectural sculptures - kind of like the idea of a fairy house suspended, can't imagine a winged creature would be happy sleeping on the ground

This copper pipe bookshelf. | 18 Steampunk Decor Flourishes That Will Make Any Room Badass

This copper pipe bookshelf.