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Mark Hearld  (via Graphic Illustration / “Starlings” by Mark Hearld)

Mouse I chose Mark Hearld because his prints are bright and eye-catching. They are unique and each does not solely have one thing. He makes the prints busy which I like.

Janis Goodman

In the Loop

A blue black etching which portrays a starling murmuration. Catching it as the birds as a combined mass, loop and wheel through the sky while a single bird remains perching on the reed bed below.

2. Dezember Vorboten  'Winter Thrush' by Mark Hearld

Greeting card reproduced from a hand coloured linocut print by Mark Hearld. 140 x with grey craft paper envelope. Recycled and& FSC approved materials. Published by Art Angels.

ravens, crows, Mockingbirds and the like. A very interesting poster for us fans of the Raven.

Crows Ravens: "The by Seattle based artist Gregory Blackstock (his life story is fascinating and worth looking up!

Aerial Manoeuvres Softcover Journal                                              (Notebook / blank book)

'Starlings performing aerial manoeuvres' by Robert Gillmor