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Nokia Cell Phone. I was not a child when I got one, but this was my first cell phone.

Nokia Cell Phone -- had this in college, which was . wow how times have changed, and quickly!

6. Nokia 3210. Móvil muy famoso y que se vendió mucho. La pantalla era grande (con varias líneas de texto) pero en blanco y negro todavía. Era bastante pesado.

The cellular from pick convenience and piece of mind into the hand of users. Now anyone can have a cost effective way to stay in touch with others. Most of these phones also include free emergency services, such as 911 dialing for emergency situations.

2001 - Ericsson T68,  uno dei primi cellulari con schermo a colori a raggiungere un buon successo commerciale. Nel 1997 Siemens introdusse il primo modello con schermo a colori, il modello S10

Sony Ericsson This one was quite revolutionating when it came out. First real color display phone. Very handy size too. Kind of miss it - still keep it locked away :-)

Nokia N73

Nokia Unlocked SmartPhone with 3 2 MP Camera Video Player MiniSD Slot U S Version with Warranty Silver Deep 0031788 1