Blondes are known for having the most fun, but what about add some stunning highlight?

5 Stunning Highlights For Blonde Hair

Kristen Stewart

Art How To Get Big Messy Waves Lets be real. No one actually wakes up with the big, morning after waves everyone lusts for. Thats why we bribed our amazing hairstylist Johnny to share his (surprisingly easy) steps to get the do of our dreams. my-style

Whaaat? Never thought of having funky red highlights in your blonde hair! You’ll be totally hooked when you’ve seen these up-to-the-secondsexy, stunning styles for blonde hair with red highlights! I can’t remember a time when hair fashions were as exciting as they are today, with the new generation of hair designers creating unheard of combinations …

12 Blonde Hair with Red Highlights: Hair Color Ideas

Want to dress up the tips of your hair with a bold color contrast? Our dip dye hair guide shows you how to get the trendy look using Manic Panic products.