my sister in laws made this for my baby shower and it was so cute!

18 Easy Backyard Projects To DIY With The Family

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Etcetera Window box - Vegetable screen by Compagnie - Partitions, screens, room dividers - Furniture

20 Cheap DIY Ideas to Make Your Yard More Cheerful

Summer Party Ideas - 25 fabulous ideas for your next Summer Party! Decor, Recipes, Cocktails & more! by delia

35 Herb Container Gardens ~ Pots & Planters {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas} - bystephanielynn

35 Herb Container Gardens ~ Pots & Planters {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas

(love the screen door! and - Don't miss out on fresh herbs (or pay a lot for them at the market) just because you don't have a big yard. Situate this compact herb garden in a sunny spot near the kitchen door for easy snipping.

Spiral Rock Garden <3

Rock Spiral Garden LOVE this so much! Our yard 'grows' river rocks, so we have plenty to do this!

What a gorgeous vertical garden. It's a bit like a cross between art, gardening and decorative idea.

Vertical Gardens - Growing Up instead of Out

What a wonderful way to show off potted herb plants or flowers- a "tree" that holds twenty small pots on an exterior wall. Creative Ideas- plants to decorate your home and garden" via Lucid Life (article is written in Spanish)

Un experimento con macetas y plantasTreille es un sistema de macetas cilíndricas, alineadas horizontalmente y conectados por correas de nilón. Es un proyecto de Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec para Teracrea,

Rain Gutter Planter Wall-this is cool. Don't really have any place in mind but maybe a future garden. Like possibility if creating privacy as a wall.

DIY- You can buy 5 slate, or limestone, or travertine tiles for about a dollar or two each...glue them together into cube planter boxes.

Slate tile planter ~ buy 5 slate tiles and glue them together into cube planter more plastic planter

45 Cool Tipsy Pot Planters - Style Estate -

45 Cool Tipsy Pot Planters

I really like this! What a great idea for those old pots! Definitely a must have!

Elizabeth O'Donnell I believe but Oh, I love that little tea pot! Wish I could find one. I have made two of these tipsy pot simple and so fun! I can hardly wait until spring so I can plant something in them.

Cascade of hanging terracotta pots

2 variations on the tipsy pot idea, One is table top and the other is hanging. read instructions here (tipsy pots?

tipsy pot by rosario

Tipsy pots - I used copper pipe like you use for plumbing. ( it was what I had on hand) just pound it into the ground about so then thread the large bottom pot on.

topsy turvy planter polka dot

Topsy Turvy Planters - Gardening on the Slant - The Gardening Coiok

Not crazy about the polka dots but cute idea! To make Tipsy Pots, you simply get whatever length of rebar you want (allowing for or more to be IN the ground). Then just slip the terra cotta pots over the rebar and and "tip" them as you go up.