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Long-eared jerboa-The Long-eared Jerboa, Euchoreutes naso, is a nocturnal mouse-like rodent with a long tail, long hind legs for jumping, and exceptionally large ears. Scientific name: Euchoreutes naso Higher classification: Euchoreutes Rank: Species

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Otters are in their own league ENTIRELY when it comes to cuteness. They have the cutest, fuzzy little faces IN THE WORLD. BONUS: They have the most adorable animal trait. Otters hold hands while they sleep so they don’t float away from each other.

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Our Winter Cabin: Photograph I`ve loved you by Gleb Skrebets on Squirrel enjoying the snow

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center adopted a baby otter that had been found in South Carolina, apparently abandoned by his mother. (Ross Taylor/The Virginian-Pilot)

Makes me smile.Orphaned baby otter at the Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach. I want a baby otter!

Small, cute animals like these hedgehogs just go to show that God has an appreciation for cute things just like we do! His sweetness shines through these creations

Asian otters!!! awwww

Funny pictures about Just a couple of baby otters. Oh, and cool pics about Just a couple of baby otters. Also, Just a couple of baby otters photos.

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redwingjohnny: “ Baby Red Pandas Emerge For The First Time These little fellas came a surprise to their keepers at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, who didn’t know that the secretive parents had mated.

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Funny pictures about Sad baby Potoo. Oh, and cool pics about Sad baby Potoo. Also, Sad baby Potoo.