29 personas que se arrepintieron inmediatamente de sus decisiones - 12

Homemade PVC Water Bazooka Fail A kid attempts to fire his high pressure water bottle rocket launcher but gets a facefull of surprise instead.

Imágenes graciosas CXXXVI - Taringa!

Imágenes graciosas CXXXVI

Omg this is awful! So idk why I find it so funny! That'd be a horribly funny prank lol


Get up The ref isnt watching - gif, isnt, watching, animated.


Los GIFs quedan mucho mejor combinados

Here I bring you top 10 most funny combined GIFs. Get Ready For GIF Mash-up

soccer - Jiffier gifs through HTML5 Video Conversion.

soccer - Jiffier gifs through Video Conversion.