Dragonflies...I love dragonflies

My name is Jeannie, and my favorite color is aqua. It makes me feel like summer when I wear it, and it always reminds me of the beautiful sea which to me is "Serenity" at its finest! I track the tag, "aquaserene".

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Blue dragonfly

a species of Rockmaster damselfly (Diphlebia spp.) that is native Papua New Guinea and Queensland in Australia. Like other members of the genus Diphlebia,.

blue dragon fly

~blue dragon fly~ suggestion for a gown's color and sheen


Dragonflies are said to symbolize change. We had a dragonfly that flew around us on the day we buried my mom-in-law.

# Keep Calm Quote

Dragonfly totem: Transformation, strength, light, ability to dive deep into feelings and emotions, ability to travel to different realms. These are all characteristics of those with a dragonfly totem.