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Hide X Kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul - HideKane-------- I don't ship it but omg time to go sob in a corner!<<<well I do and I'll be in the corner with ya sister/brother/sibling

-Kaneki, no eres tú cuando tienes hambre, ten un Snickers. Mejor? -¡No puedo comerlo, pedazo de mierda! Kskjdjdja nanai

That one time when Tokyo Ghoul was word for word a snickers commercial, except that one part where it's about human flesh instead of snickers

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FONDOS HECHOS POR SU RESPECTIVOS CREADORES      Todos los derechos  esas personas.

Fondos De Pantalla •Anime• - Fondos Tokyo Ghoul

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tokyo ghoul season 2 episode 3 - Kaneki pulling a centipede out of his ear