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Mother of god

I think this broke my brain.>>>What if the Doctor's universe is one room in the TARDIS. Then that TARDIS exists in a universe that is another room. >>> I think my brain just exploded.

The Appearance of the Doctor is the Only Valid Reason

There is no valid reason to interrupt Doctor Who. So true. Unless the Doctor himself was outside. Then yeah, interrupt me.

If this was truly British, it would Eccles, Eccles, and Eccles. <---Wait for it...

Yaaayy I get to keep my Whovian license.although since it's Britain, shouldn't it be XD 911 aaah I still have my whovian license!

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And this is just after he called happy crying "humany wumany." The Ponds make him more human than he thought that he could be.

The best of the best.

That moment when there was a Doctor Who reference in Doctor Who! One of my favorite Doctor Who moments! Apparently David Tennant forgot his line and this is the first thing that came to his mind.

The Doctor quoted Mary Poppins!!! - Imgur

The Doctor quoted Mary Poppins!!!

The Doctor quoted Mary Poppins! *Add to list of awesome things I never knewI didn't know! Wait, the Doctor has quoted Mary Poppins before. This means that theDoctor must be Mary Poppins!

How Do I Get That Job?

He's like a 5 year old. (he's like their five year old) The Ponds DID get to raise a kid <--yep XD

this is fantastic.

They gave him two hearts -- full Moffat quote//That's.so true. Some really wise words said by Moffat.

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No wonder they look so much alike... My mind just exploded.. only this stuff happens in DW

wait i always just assumed they knew each other! so the show just happened to cast the two of them and they just happened to be cousins? im sorry thats just crazy! --- Doctor Who is crazy. Amy and little Amy are cousins