1. Jacksepticeye 2. Markiplier  3. Shane Dawson 4. Brandon Rodgers 5. YandereDev 6. John Green 7. Scott Cawthon

1 Markiplier 2 jacksepticeye 3 Pewdiepie 4 CinnamonToastKen 5 danisnotonfire 6 AmazingPhil 7 PiinkSparkles (yes thats how it's spelt)

All the things girls do. Haha Pewds.

Pewdiepie: "How to Smile" Oh Pewds, you know how to make me smile.

I started out laughing and now im crying CAN YOU NOT! <<<< Don't cry. Craft. Well now me, I'm actually crying. I mean, why.

((Sorry for the language)) Don't cry. *Quietly crafts in the corner*

I cant make up my mine on any of these questions i love so many youtubers

are you brave enough to take on the challenge ima doing it starting tomorrow so yeah XP

Omg zoella is my mum and Alfie is my dad!!! Such a happy family!!<< I can't believe Phil Lester is my dad!

Hannah Hart and Phil Lester for the win! That of course might be a little difficult, but whatevs man - they're the best!<<< I got Tanya Burr and Phil Lester!

The Holy Fiftinity “if you guys are wondering what is going on, here are the tweets that lead up to this scenario (which obviously how it went down) [x] [x] [x] patreon | youtube | twitter | instagram | storenvy | redbubble ”

Pewdiepie, Danisnotonfire, jacksepticeye, AmazingPhil, and Markiplier😂 all my favorites in one picture

Markiplier, jacksepticeye, LordMinion777, Patrck Statick, Garuku Bluemoon, JPW03, Dan and Phil, Scribble Netty

Pan-Seared Steak

SSundee Pewdiepie Cryotic Ihascupquake Slamacow Dan&Phil BartBaker Markiplier Jacksepticeye Lifesimmer Shane The Game Theorists Munchingbrotato TheFineBros REACT Good Mythical Morning.

I meant to pin this to my funnies...oh well << i'm making this my alarm right now:

I meant to pin this to my funnies.oh well << i'm making this my alarm right now:<<<<<this is cyber bullying

This is so true. And I hope the hero's know that too. :) <3

To Pewdiepie, IHasCupquake, Smosh, Markiplier, and munchingbrotato and Zexyzek and many others

YES Tyler is queen! •  I litterealky burst out laughing every time I see this post omg.

wow tyler<<This is me if someone mentions wanting to be Tyler Oakley to me->>> Tyler is the best<< slay queen slay

Everyone supports one man. We band together!

hes just awesome. He cares so much for others, but doesnt realize how much good and joy he has brought to them. Me being one of those people.