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Leaf stepping stones: 35 Creative Backyard Designs Adding Interest to Landscaping Ideas

5 Easy Steps To Turn A Pallet Into An Outdoor Patio Bench

5 Easy Steps To Turn A Pallet Into An Outdoor Patio Bench

Multi Level Platform Bird Feeder: via duncraft.com

5 Bird Feeders That Will Attract A Variety Of Wild Birds To Your Yard

Provide Bird Feeders Year-Round - Many bird enthusiasts bring out their feeders only during the cold months when birds benefit the most from free handouts. But spring and summer feeding offers big rewards, too. By keeping feeders filled year-round, you get loyal patrons.

Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Provide Bird Feeders Year-Round like this tube feeder the Eastern Goldfinches are crazy about!

10 Creative DIY Bird Feeders • A great round-up on DIY Bird Feeder projects from around the web with lots of Tutorials! Including this diy bird feeder made from a mason jar, an old chicken feeder and copper tubing from 'two llamas and a whole lotta dramas'.

10 Creative DIY Bird Feeders