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Orecchini Uzbekistan Prima metà 1900

In these silver earrings, in some parts with antic golden-silver, it comes close to turquoise blue and to red coral, Mediterranean material ,very appreciated by the central Asiatic population for its presume superstitious quality.

Uzbekistan | Earrings from Bukhara.  Silver, turquoise, ruby, emerald, pearls | 600€

The jewelry manufactures of Bukhara, use precious stones such as ruby and emerald roots in the earliest ornaments.

Uzbekistan ~ Bukhara | Pair of earrings; Persian turquoise, coral and coloured glass | ca. late 19th century | Sold

~ Uzbek earrings with Persian turquoise, coral and colored glass, late century

Uzbekistan | Old gilt silver and coral earrings. Bukhara | POR

We offer real old dzee, dzi, antique gau and old jewelry from Tibet, central asia, Mongolia and China.

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Double pendants cases with filigree work inlaid turquoise and coral , Khiva area, Uzbekistan lt c

Uzbekistan | Khalka Earrings | Silver, coral and glass beads | First half 1900s

Khalka Earrings Uzbekistan First half 1900 Silver, coral, glass paste Ethnic Jewels 1332

Uzbekistan | Necklace; old silver, semi precious stone and pearl | 695$ ~ sold || Original description by seller was that this was a necklace from Afghanistan.

Buy Tribal Royalty Afghani Statement Necklace Online

This vintage Afghani silver necklace with semi precious stones brings statement necklaces to a whole new level of boho chic.

Gilded Silver Turquoise Coral and Carnelian Earrings | Uzbekistan | Circa Early 20th Century.   Hand-crafted in silver, they have been gilded by fire with a thin layer of gold. To increase the impact further, each earring carries an abundance of jewels: beads of coral, real turquoise, and glittering carnelian

Gilded Silver Turquoise Coral and Carnelian gypsy earrings. From Uzbekistan, early century.