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Oh my gosh, our Gypsy-cat has one of these coats and she literally does the same thing. Just drops to the floor and gives up on life, lmao.

I can see one of my cats doing this! ;)

Timed feeder for cat = sleeping in food bowl waiting for food to be dispensed.

First world cat problems

First world cat problems

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“ awwww-cute: “ My brother’s cat, Otis. He sat like this for 15 minutes, totally transfixed. Every time they would roar, he meowed back ” dream big, Otis ”

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Funny pictures about Meow Chicka Meow Meow. Oh, and cool pics about Meow Chicka Meow Meow. Also, Meow Chicka Meow Meow.

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That expression seems to be present on a mother's face, no matter her species. I feel like that most days lol