Northern lights - Under the starry sky of Rovaniemi, Finland: Winter wonderland by Teemu Lahtinen. id love to visit the northern lights

Ice Lanterns - awesome idea for my home!

Ice Star Lanterns - Invented in Norway, where winters are frosty, comes the fascinating Ice Star Lantern mold. The product, is star-shaped with a center cavity in which a candle can be set after making the frozen lantern.

새벽을 깨우는 남자,김현창의 한문공부 372회.(20140116)  知天下之勢者 有天下之生氣 暗天下之勢者 有天下之死氣.  지천하지세자 유천하지생기 암천하지세자 유천하지사기.  천하의 대세를 아는 사람은 살기운이 붙어있고  천하의 대세에 어두운 사람은 죽을기운 밖에는 없느니라. 마부작침(摩斧作針)

"Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand." ~Henry David Thoreau journal entry (Photo: Snowflake In Sunlight)

Dog Sleigh Ride in Lapland. On my bucket list!!

A winter wonderland with dog-sledding in Lapland, Finland. What a fun travel experience this would be! And I've always been curious about visiting Lapland and Finland. Think I'll add it to my winter travel bucket list.

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Night Sky / 1180

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