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Great work from Sarah Bina on these Freak Show beers. I love the type-driven labels and muted color palette. They are very reminiscent of vintage circus posters. She’s able to pull off the circus theme without being cheesy. My favorite part of these are the varying bottle shapes. That’s a unique idea that is absolutely fitting for the Freak Show brand.

Freak Show Brew

"Freak Show Brew" beers not only knock it out of the park with their woodblock style typography, but the use of different shaped bottles drives the 'freak show' point home. Very bold descriptions of the beers.

Oji is a Japanese-style cold brewed coffee that drips for up to 18 hours  before being served. Dense, flavorful, and strong, this package reflects  the refinement of the process and the intensity of the drink.

Blue Bottle Coffee: Oji

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