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Star Wars: Menswear

We've seen Star Wars incorporated into so many different aspects of our lives. However, I've never seen trendy Star Wars fashions before, well, unless you

John Woo guerra estrelas moda estilismo intergaláctico alta costura

a moda na guerra das estrelas - john woo

The Men Of Star Wars Walk The Runway In High-Fashion Threads | The Mary Sue

HE WEARS IT 005 - Boba Fett wears Supreme and visvim. I've often said my two favorite things- food and fashion rarely mix well. My hat is off to John Woo, who mixes fashion and Starwars with a delightful result.

Jar Jar Binks wears Maison Martin Margiela, illustration by John Woo.

HE WEARS IT 003 - Jar Jar Binks wears Maison Martin Margiela Painted by Watercolour. Signed Print Printed on Fine Art Paper(Cotton Rag) Size: inch Thickness: Send by Hong Kong SpeedPost.

The Men Of Star Wars Walk The Runway In High-Fashion Threads | The Mary Sue

No, guys, Face-Off director John Woo does not work for fashion. The John Woo I’m introducing you to today has nothing to do with him, even if he too was grown up in Hong Kong too. The John Woo I’m …

John Woo - www.behance.net/wooszoo

Superman veste...

by John Woo John Woo returns with the latest in superhero and film icon fashion, swiping their blasters and liquid metal skin for something a little more fitting. Signed prints available for purchase over at the etsy.


Big corporate brands have recently become infatuated with marketing towards the most innocent and vulnerable audience there is, children. Children are being told what to where, what to eat, and how to live at younger and younger ages.

daniel josefsohn skateboard decks front

Helmut Newton in daniel josefsohn skateboard decks front

Star Wars Republic Costume Evolution Infographic | I love how Padme's got tons of outfits, Anakin has around six, and Obi-wan's basically stays the same the whole time!

Star Wars Costume Evolution: Republic Edition [Infographic]