children's halloween costumes. one reason i can't wait to be a mom. even though it's still a while off. these are amazing... mini dwight schrute is hilarious and i love the garden gnome too.

28 Children's Costumes That Put Every Costume You've Ever Worn to Shame

Cutest thing ever! Dwight Costume - 60 Fun and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love. I will do this to my kid someday.

Ivory soap + Microwave = Cloud Soap Bar... we are SO doing this!

Easy Soapy Science Fun

Ivory Soap Explosion -- cut an Ivory soap bar in 4 and microwave for 3 minutes. Wonder if it works with not-ivory? Ivory is way too stinky for me.

Homemade Penguin Costume for Babies

21 Easy Homemade Costumes for Baby's First Halloween

DIY Penguin Baby costume (Definately need this due to the fact that my future son will be a penguin for his first halloween. scratch that- every halloween until he pitches a fit about being a penguin! they're just so cute!


pop-art patter for a wallpaper... Boom!

The Trixibelle Tuelle Skirt is great for dress ups - available in size and

Football Baby Bunting Costume

Baby Football Halloween Costume Newborn Baby Boys Football Costume, football bunting fits babies up to tall. Super soft brown football costume for babies