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With winter nearly here it's time to think about coats. This is our guide to one that every man should consider owning, the duffle coat.

Pair a camel toggle coat with dark blue skinny jeans for a dapper casual get-up. Why not add dark brown leather boat shoes to the mix for a more relaxed feel?  Shop this look for $178:  — Navy Plaid Scarf  — Camel Duffle Coat  — Navy Skinny Jeans  — Dark Brown Leather Boat Shoes

Men's Camel Duffle Coat, Navy Skinny Jeans, Dark Brown Leather Boat Shoes, Navy Plaid Scarf

This combination of a tan toggle coat and dark blue slim jeans is perfect for a night out or smart-casual occasions. Grab a pair of dark brown leather boat shoes for a more relaxed aesthetic.

Something cool for the fashionable man, a detachable hoodie blazer.

Something cool for the fashionable man, a detachable hoodie blazer. stuff-we-love-for-him

What we're seeing here is a collegiate polo player getting ready for the business debate with a women's model Dooney and Burke purse-lette hanging across his broad chest. Way to subvert the dominant paradigm, Chauncey.

Stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear (30 photos)

Not a huge man purse guy, but his great style sense secures the look well.

Great men's outfit - Casual look

The Perfect Hoodie

Three essential fall/winter items — elbow-patch sweater, a chambray shirt, and a great pair of brown boots.