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BAST is the quintessential artist representing Brooklyn, New York. He is also one of the few pivotal figures in the international street art movement to retain a considerable degree of anonymity


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Soak Your Buns - View All - Bast - Marilyn

Soak Your Buns - View All - Bast - Marilyn

bast teflon don Bast’s Print, Collage and Gallery Art

a look at some of the gallery and print work by brooklyn-based artist Bast

queria lembra de onde eu tirei isso...

queria lembra de onde eu tirei isso...

Sesame Fiction.

Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie as Jules Winnfield und Vincent Vega of Pulp Fiction. An artwork by Beery Method. The funny illustration is avai

Jan Vormann, 26, is a German artist who has spent the last three years travelling the world fixing crumbling walls and monuments using Lego. Vorman took his project from its humble beginnings at an art fair in Rome and brightened up thousands of people's days with his brightly colored plastic Lego bricks.

Dispatchwork: a movement initiated by 27 year-old German artist Jan Vormann, who started patching old walls with Lego bricks

Scarfolk Council: The "Infant Liberation Front" Colouring Book

1972 saw the birth of the ILF (Infant Liberation Front), a terrorist organisation for the The anarchic underground group was s.