artist Stanislav Odyagailo

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Today's WE:ffirmation your dreams are only as big as your wings. luckily wings are able to expand. and true dreamers dream faster than wings can fly! WE can live our wildest dreams.

Saatchi Art Artist: Ysabel LeMay; Digital 2012 Photography "AIR, edition 2/7"

Air (digital art)~Image Ysabel LeMay, 2012 Lauren likes this piece because of the different use of materials shown but not necessarily actually used. Check out the website for

Irmandade Pre-Rafaelita

a irmandade pré-rafaelita - a arte pela arte


tension_girl - Turgor (Тургор), also known as Tension or The Void to English audiences, was originally released in April 2008 in Russia by indie developer Ice-Pick Lodge, known for their previous game Pathologic.

color tales - anka zhuravleva photos, paintings, drawings

Autumn daydream, with, of course, a book. Listen closely and you can hear me longing for how much I want to read on that swing.