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I LOVE this gate.looks cool and slightly haunted at the same time. It's the entrance to a cemetery. if I could find this house I would buy it.

From out of the forgotten ruins comes a tree of life.. no known location given here

Nature colonizes everything. Abandoned library with tree. I would love to have a thing of nature in a library it just seem so cool. I mean you can read your book on the tree! Even though it's abandoned that would be awesome.


ghosts are lower rung nephilim.all spirits.all real.familiar spirits and shadow peeps.PSP (c) spirits not para.

Forlorn garden gate. Very Grey Gardens. http://hoernchen610.deviantart.com/art/secret-door-115798333

Abandoned home What a beautiful wrought iron gate.would make a great garden gate. What a waste.

this is the witch's house in hansel and gretel.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”

Dark Light Photography

When the sun goes down, night brings a new and exciting challenge for photographers. This post showcase 22 Impressive examples of dark photography which can

Hell's Café 19th-century Montmartre neighborhood like the Marais on the Right Bank of the Seine. With plaster lost souls writhing on its walls and a bug eyed devil's head for a front door, le Café de l'Enfer  According to one 1899 visitor, the café's doorman in a Satan suit welcomed diners with the greeting, "Enter and be damned!" Hell's waiters also dressed as devils. An order for three black coffees spiked with cognac

Cabaret de l’Enfer (commonly known as Hell's Cafe), where late Century Parisans drank around a caldron, male and female ‘devil musicians’ entertained them, were greeted by a gentleman in a satan suit at the door, and ‘red imps’ served them drinks.

Yes please.

The Bruce Mansion - Brown City, MI: The Bruce Mansion is exactly what you picture when you think, “haunted house.