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5 things to try this weekend // summer bucket list

5 Things To Try This Weekend

Just give me a beach, a spoon, a straw and a watermelon and I will be a happy girl.

Home made slide. I want this so bad!

build a redneck waterslide into a lake and ride an air mattress down

Hats: they say fun, alluring, sexy! Plus they shield your face from the damaging effects of the sun. #skincare #RodanandFields

Obsessed // June 2014 // How to Wear a Hat This Summer

The waves shoot you up in the air. Gotta have this!!!

It's a wave rider! Ok what exactly is a wave rider and can I bring it to the wave pool in the summer?


My dream, a beautiful beach on a sale boat reading a good book

the many things photography can say

There are 10 tips to buy this scarf: beach boho blanket summer hippie.

I'm getting a hammock when i'm older.

Lounge in an oversized hammock on a tropical beach once a year. ~ Brigitte Bardot on a hammock in St. By Slim Aarons.