Kurt Cobain

"My name is Kurt and I sing and play the guitar and I'm a walking, talking bacterial infection." he underwater pics are life

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Kurt Cobain smoke is sexy

Kurt Cobain

the legend that is kurt kobain

Nirvana + Jenny Holzer background - I've never seen this photo shoot in color, before!

So busy trying to read the blurry marquee. It's Nirvana!" My best friends asked me who Nirvana was and I fell off my chair.




Kurt Cobain, another fellow INFP. Novelist Matt Haig says the way we glamorise…

Kurt Cobain

kurt cobain with a kitten. awwww Pictures, kurt cobain with a kitten. awwww Images, kurt cobain with a kitten. awwww Photos, kurt cobain with a kitten.

the clash saw them in concert

punk rock scene {The Clash}

Nirvana by Anton Corbijn 1993

photo by Anton Corbijn: Nirvana

Kurt Cobain  #NIRVANA [Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl]

Kurt Cobain and Frances bean Cobain


Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl & Krist Novoselic Of Nirvana Wearing Funky Sweaters And Scarves As Skirts

Nirvana http://media-cache4.pinterest.com/upload/226868899948914775_rE2ExKp2_f.jpg nick_goodey nineties music

There are several artists named 'Nirvana'; Nirvana was an American grunge band. The band formed in Aberdeen, Washington in and it was part of the Seattle grunge scene of the late alongside bands like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

Buckingham & Nicks by Taber3

Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks - Fleetwood Mac

Eddie Vedder stagedive Pinkpop '92

Eddie Vedder # Pearl Jam # Stage dive # live show # mosh pit

"London Calling" Original by Pennie Smith....fantastic..i want this on our wall.

18 The Clash London Calling The best record to come out of punk. In this double album, The Clash fused their rockabilly roots with their love of reggae,This was the album that legitimised punk into the rock canon. Its iconic cover, and songs abou

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JSW Vintage — Kurt Cobain talking on an old school cell phone,.