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Jack's pep talk with Shawn!  ❤✌

"No you are rapping you are Shawn Mendes you can do it" JG. I how much confidence jack has in shawn<< I literally fell lauging

Shawn tho

Me everyday at school O O O Mendes ng ng Nash Grier Daigle Daigle Daigle Dallas Addonizio Addonizio Addonizio Espinosa McHardy McHardy Taylor Caniff Kapor Kapor Kapor Carpenter Cantone Nadal Bvo Gilinsky

Aaron Carpenter ahhhh best thing ever haha im dying

Aaron Carpenter ahhhh best thing ever haha im dying<------- this is funny but. Did anyone else see hoe he said YELLOW WATER YUCKY

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My parents have just accepted the fact that one day he WILL be my husband😂😂