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Shawn Mendes  and Nash Grier

Shawn Mendes and Nash Grier ~so proud of shawn life of the party came on the radio today. Lol Jack G. In the background

Do they look alike

Of course Nash Grier and Hayes Grier Look the same there brothers! they both have the prettiest blue eyes!

Love them so much <3xx

UGH boys (original MagCon boys) - Chapter with Shawn - Page 1 - Wattpad


QOTD: Who's your favorite Magcon boy? Mine is Shawn :) Comment yours below!

imagine hayes next to you staring into your eyes..

Hayes i love him so much. hes mine, all of the magcon boys are mine lol omg they make me so happy u dont even know how much they make me smile omg i just cant omg love them so much

#wattpad #random Emily has to go with her brother on tour. She's not that happy about it but there's nothing she can do about it. There may be new friends and lovers but also broken hearts,trust and friendships. But I guess you'll never know unless you start reading...

UGH boys (original MagCon) - Chapter 26:Nightmare, lunch and filming videos

Hahaha that's the best gif I've ever seen of cam haha can anything make Cameron Dallas look bad?