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Undertale :: Underswap :: Underfell:: Lazy Bones by SpaceJacket

I love that you've got the two lazybones and an annoying one

knocker12:  ㅇvㅇ/

this is my new favorite undertale animation<<< "I am the mercy, I am the revenge, I am the determination.

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I don't understand the words but it is so adoreable

#wattpad #fanfiction HOIII! pecador@s  yo se que estas aquí para ver estas hermosas zuculencias que tengo en mi galería a que si no?

Undertale Yaoi (Imagenes) - 19.

from the story Traducciones Comics Undertale fontcest (FINALIZADO) by with reads.

underfell, undertale, sans, papyrus

Pap's shirt for those who missed it: "bad to the bone" *heh underfell, undertale, sans, papyrus

Undertale underswap sans papyrus

Anonymous said: heh kinda makes me wonder what ut/uf sans reaction to his sugar high would be like lol Answer: