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Fascino e disgusto: la collezione di muffe di Antoine

Fascino e disgusto: la collezione di muffe di Antoine

magical contamination: mould as art by antoine bridier-nahmias - designboom

Petri Dish Paintings by Klari Reis

Petri Dish Paintings by Klari Reis

For all the strange things artists have turned into canvasses, Klari Reis manages to stand apart. Since she's been perfecting the art of painting in petri dishes.

Bacteriologic Chart  1. Gonococcus spp.  2. Pneumococcus spp.  3, Streptococcus pyogenes  4. Micobacterium tuberculosis  5. Vibrio cholerae  6. Corynebacterium diphtheriae  7. Bacterium typhosum  8. Bacterium dysenteriae  9. Achorion Schonleinii [favus fungus]  10. Bacillus anthracis  11. Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus  12. Yeast cells - With buds and ascospores depicted  Postmortem Pathology. Henry W. Cattell, 1906.

Lysogenic viruses infect cells but can delay the production of new viruses; they can cause diseases such as Diphtheria or Scarlett Fever.

Antoine Bridier-Nahmias: Magical Contamination

How mold could be strangely beautiful. Magical Contamination by Antoine Bridier-Nahmias

Art: Magical Contamination turns mould into art (No, really)

Magical Contamination by Antoine Bridier-Nahmias. An artistic documentation of mould and its diverse colours and textures captured in petri dishes.

New round of USA E. coli testing

E coli bacteria could be one of the reasons behind bowel cancer, scientists have revealed.