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>///< Gruvia

melllllly: ““ © あおい Trans© melllllly ” This was what the Japanese fan dreamt of and she decided to draw it out.

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Gruvia - I will break the ice of your heart by Arya-Aiedail

Fairy tail// Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser // Hate juvia with an undying passion. But this is a really cool picture.

reminds me of some people

I love this, but really? There are soooo many better pictures of Juvia.<<<<i love how detacated they are to the girls

Reacciones en Fairy Tail

Shocked fairy tail faces < I feel like I did something wrong :/

It's scary to see Juvia like this. She's back to way she was in the Phantom Arc. The only way she can feel emotion is with Gray AND only Gray. She relies on Gray.