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photo has been taken by long exposure at sunset. using a torch to design the musical note

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MOVEMENT - Bands of light showing movement from a low shutter speed.

MOVEMENT - Bands of light showing movement from a low shutter speed.

Light painting by Dennis Calvert. l #lightart #lightpainting

Light painting ideas and tutorials for long exposure photography. Dennis Calvert shares his methods, behind the scenes and "how to" information for creating stunning and surreal light painted photo images.

Orlando’s photos use programmable LED sticks that can blink or change colors over time, which is how he was able to ensure that each paddle stroke was captured.

The Motions Of Canoers and Kayakers Revealed With LEDs In Long Exposure Photography

Ontario-based photographer Stephen Orlando is fascinated with human movement and uses programmable LED light sticks attached to kayak paddles, people, racquets, and other objects to translate that movement into photographic light paintings.

Juggling with fire

Juggling with fire

Different Styles of Juggling With Fire. Now I wanna juggle fire. *stamps out frantically and then runs away* but fo real, firebending