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made by The Aristocat, a Finnish woman, self-taught amateur seamstress, making historical clothing, focusing on the and the century


Silk brocade gown and petticoat, silk covered straw hat and silk satin shoes, 1780 Worn by Jane Bailey for her marriage to James Wickham Image reproduced by kind permission of the Olive Matthews Collection, Chertsey Museum. Photograph by John Chase.

Historical Accuracy Reincarnated: I like big hats and I can not lie...

inspired costume from the “Gustavian” era . (c) Duran Textiles. Swedish century textiles reconstructed in India then costumes fashioned in Sweden.

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POLONAISE A hint of nationalism didn’t stop Marie Antoinette from adopting it as an informal costume over in France. Here's Kirsten in the 2006 film version in the style

Différents hauts: -Robes à la française -Robe à la turque -Robes à l'anglaise…

Detail of late Century Georgian costumes by award winning designer Michael O'Connor for 'The Duchess', - images courtesy of fripperiesandfobs

A pair or jumps & petticoat, 2012 "Jumps" are a bodice or waiscoat which is often quilted. They have little or no boning, and were obviously used even by fine ladies as comfortable, relaxed wear in private, and also while indisposed or nursing. Quilted jumps could also be worn underneath stays for warmth.

A pair or jumps & petticoat, 2012 "Jumps" are a bodice or waiscoat which…

Before the Automobile: Robe à l'Anglaise

The dress is made of century reproduction Dutch chintz and lined with linen. It is hand sewn with linen tread. Each piece of the bodice.

Pierrot Jacket and petticoat. Based on ca.1790 ensemble in the collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute.Paper dress created in 1997. by Isabelle de Borchgrave

Isabelle de Borchgrave - Painter, designer, artist, visual artist, discover its amazing dresses and creations of paper .Pierrot Jacket and petticoat.