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DreamTale Comic Page 7

page 7 of Dreamtale . Dreamtale Page 7

Oh God I was actually scared for a second

Sans and Papyrus - comic - MobsterUT AU. Please check out the original artists work :)

undertale, sans, papyrus wearing Gaster's clothes. OMG, PAPYRUS! Don't go scaring people like that!

This comic of Papyrus wearing Gaster's clothes honestly gave my bones the spooks

undertale, sans, papyrus, gaster, genocide

I actually have a theory that WingDings Gaster, because he has a writing font as a name like Sans and Papyrus, is actually their brother.

undertale, sans

undertale, sans, trash, meHey look Sans, Blooky and I can be trash together. <<<<<<< Is it me? It's very accurate.