Oasis Wrap Free Crochet Pattern

Create a Summer Crochet Wrap Pattern that you can wear on a cool summer night! This crochet wrap pattern shows you how to make this versatile shawl in just a few easy steps.

The beautiful Boutique Butterfly Wrap is a gorgeous crochet pattern that will look flattering on anyone. The unique design of this item is reminiscent of a butterfly and is especially elegant from the back.

Boutique Butterfly Wrap

Crocheted Cloche & Scarf Set free pattern at red heart ✭Teresa Restegui http://www.pinterest.com/teretegui/ ✭

Crocheted Cloche & Scarf Set free pattern at red heart ✭Teresa Restegui…

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After designing the Skylark scarf, I had a few ideas for a spin~off. Now with Frabjous Fibers I have brought the idea to life with Skylark in Wonderland.

Free Hooded Cowl Crochet Pattern

Crochet Cowl Hood: A beautiful, trendy and warm hooded cowl that's more fashionable than your typical hood. Try this great free crochet pattern from Bernat Yarns.