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Your favorite classic horror movie monsters can be cute as well as scary. Just check out these classic nightmares brought to life in fusible Perler

Classic Horror Monsters Perler Bead Magnet Characters - Frankenstein's Monster, The Wolfman, The Mummy, Dracula - hama beads pixel art cute

Tortues ninja et Shredder dessous de verre ou par jinglebells0424

ninja turtles perler bead pattern used with fuse beads, hama beads and perler beads

And you'll be with, To-to-ro, To-to-roh! Totoro Magnet Perler Beads by DJbits

Small Rainbow Pacman Ghosts Magnets perler beads by Deannabanana23

Perler beads for me, are a great way to make something quick that really pops! This week I've taken out my beads and am playing around with different ideas.