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FOF The Foxglove Ball by Aimee Stewart.“Come one, dear ones, and do come all - to the grand event of The Foxglove Ball! Adorn yourselves with the stuff of dreams, of lacey gowns and glittery things…” - Aimee Stewart

Message From Telos Inner Earth ~ Gates & Portals Between Your World & Ours Have Opened


Keeping with Tradition – 29 Beautiful Traditional Drawings and Paintings

This picture is a great example for texture. It shows texture in the tree leaves, the sky, and the grass. The clouds look fluffy and smooth adding a soft effect. The grass and leaves give the painting a soft feeling yet, rough at the same art

Luminescent Fairy & Dragon Art Posters

Luminescent Fairy & Dragon Art Posters

By American Artist Yummei

I’ve been super busy working with the new team and preparing all the models for making Knite and Fisheye Placebo. I haven’t had time to draw at all these days. Here’s an old commission I did last year for a client. I’ll have new art to post hopefully.

*+*Mystickal Faerie Folke*+*... Pixie Forest By Artist phatpuppyart...

The fairy harp hangs in the woods, played by every breeze.Long gone today are the fairy folk, who hung it high in the trees.