Kinfolk Magazine - Gallery - Vol. 4

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Weekend Playlist 15.06.14 | Special Edition : 80's Mega Mix :: This Is Glamorous

The instalment of the popular feature, Five Songs for your Weekend; this week's playlist is an ode to the with over 100 songs;

canoe dinner party. i don't know if this happens in real life, but it looks amazing.

picnic on the lake in canoes - friends, outdoors, get-togethers Conley we need to do this this summer!

Engagement photo idea

This looks about right :) I'll get you tulips and then will kiss : )

Red Wine Lollipops!  And, the link that this will take you to is awesome for Valentines ideas!!!

why yes, it is. 1 cups sweet red wine -wine should be no more than alcohol by volume 3 tablespoons corn syrup cup sugar tsp. kosher salt 12 Lollipop sticks valentines day gifts for my lady loves!