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3D printing glass #3dPrintedShapes

you can now 3D print in glass with Shapeways

The final DNA representation is probably the simplest out of them all but I think it looks the most effective because it doesn't look overally complicated.

Print3d World: Impresión 3D de cerámica en "Medalta".http://www.print3dworld.es/2013/07/impresion-3d-de-ceramica-en-medalta.html Fotografía y vídeo de Luke Fandrich.

A behind the scenes look at my week shooting footage of the ceramic printer at Medalta Potteries in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Video by Luke Fandrich.

Make it LEO Tessa's Weekly Pick - have a seat on high quality 3D Printed Chair designs

Have a 3D Printed Seat - Tessa's Weekly Picks

Make it LEO Tessa's Weekly Pick - have a seat on high quality Printed Chair designs Maybe something for Printer Chat?

Parametric Archives - leManoosh

leManoosh collates trends and top notch inspiration for Industrial Designers, Graphic Designers, Architects and all creatives who love Design.

How awesome is this 3D printed jewelry?

An all around creative lady, Melissa Borrell creates lightweight pieces that allow the wearer to finish the making process and assemble their jewelry!

3D model for 3D print #3dPrintedMetal

model for print Maybe something for Printer Chat?

George Hart - "Stellated Icosahedron"  9-inch diameter sculpture designed and built on a 3D Systems Zprinter 450.

Math Monday: Color 3D Printing

Math Monday – Color Printing – National Museum of Mathematics