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Image via Lorraine Loots Since featuring the detailed, miniature watercolor works created by Cape Town-based artist Lorraine Loots here and.

Lorraine works with fine-tipped paintbrushes and pencils with the help of a magnifying glass to create each teensy painting, and the results are mesmerizing. Description from viralscape.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Paintings for Ants by Lorraine Loots

Day 284 : The N'ice Ice Cream Parlour on the Strand beachfront sells ice creams the size of your head. 16 x 25 mm.

22 miniature paintings from Postcards for Ants by Lorraine Loots

Postcards for Ants: Lorraine Loots' 365 Day Miniature Painting Project

Postcards for Ants’ is an ongoing project by Cape Town-based artist Lorraine Loots, in which she challenged herself to create a miniature painting every day for a year.

surfers in fish hoek - postcards for ants | lorraine loots [i recognized it immediately, but something was 'off'... oh, it's from a ref book from the 60s :D]

Day 320 : Surfers in Fish Hoek. 🏄 (Reference picture from a book printed in the “The Beautiful Peninsula - a picture tour of the Cape Peninsula” by Arthur English). 28 x 28 mm. (at Fish Hoek)

能治癒心靈的納米藝術畫作!La Mer x Lorraine Loots 聯乘展覽即日開催

Artist Lorraine Loots on the Big Market for Tiny Paintings

Whoa! This Artist Makes One Teeny Tiny Painting Everyday | Lorraine Loots

Lorraine Loots creates lovely miniature paintings for her project 365 Postcards for Ants

Lorraine Loots, Postcards for ants

Day 322 : Below Rosebank and Mowbray, at Observatory, is the confluence of the Liesbeek and Black Rivers. 28 x 28 mm. (at Observatory, Western Cape, South Africa)