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@Leah Marie an accurate portrayal of me waking up on a day off knowing I can fall right back asleep

Does your dog sleep between you, under the covers, with his head on the pillow? The dog who wants to sleep on your bed isn’t trying to take over the world.

Note from a dad. This cat is awesome!!

I love that the cats name is Meatloaf. Now I want a cat named meatloaf.

I need him in my life.

Adorable bear with manners waves goodbye to tourists

Polite Bear Waves Hello - 8 seconds to a happier you. I want a bear to wave at me!

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16 DIY Dog Projects Your Fur Baby Will Thank You For

Dog toys, beds, clothes, collars and bowls! Release your inner creative side and check out these 16 DIY dog projects your fur baby will thank you for.

Dog shares his peanut butter

"Friend gave her dog an empty peanut butter jar last night and he shared it with his stuffed puppy" This is so sweet that my heart just exploded!

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''Don't worry mom, we'll keep the fur-less puppy warm!'' Cute puppies keeping the little baby warm!

10 Grappige Dieren Foto's

Who's the bastard that bought this cute guy a tiny slide? Buy him a bigger slide, damn it.


Every single day my dog sits behind the curtain starring at people, creepy as shit, just sitting there thinking her 100 lb ass is invisible

funny caption beagle sitting on dog house roof snoopy he's real.really almost named my Beau Snoopy

The kid has talent!  http://marinemammalcenter.org

LOLcats is the best place to find and submit funny cat memes and other silly cat materials to share with the world. We find the funny cats that make you LOL so that you don't have to.

Ok, so it's not a beagle ... but still so cute!!

Ok, so it's not a beagle ... but still so cute!!

The ultimate customizable bike, especially handy if you have an unusual name to thwart bike thieves :)

Write a Bike by Juri Zaech

I want a bike that has my name on it! Write a Bike by Juri Zaech: Bicycle Typography. by tisha