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Is every body having fun tonight?every body's Wang Chung-ing tonight! The most ANNOYING song, but, catchy!

Designing Women  STYLE PROFILE  Sugarbaker Designs may have specialized in interiors, but the Southern belles at the helm showed their fashion savvy in vibrant poly-blends and contoured cheeks. While the group's color-bright frocks and high-volume hair may look thoroughly '80s, these ladies were at the forefront of fashion at the time.

The Most Fashionable TV Shows of All Time

in the late and early Julia, Suzanne, Mary Jo and Charlene made a very real statement about the style and strength of Southern women. They’re affinity for power suits paired with lacy details and pearls became their hallmark.

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Roy Hay, guitarist/keyboardist with hit band Culture Club turns 53 today (on left) - he was born in

Movies of the 80s

Movies of the One of my FAVORITE childhood cartoons cartoons cartoon nostalgia Watched after Saturday morning cartoons

60's, 70's, 80's. THAT'S MUSIC!!! Part 21

bucks fizz was formed to compete in and won the 1981 eurovision song contest. they are like the english abba, with crazy costumes and .

80s music :) All the great ones!!

Jeremy and Jerry reminisce on the way things were during the eighties: music, clothes, hair, and pop culture.

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New Romanticism was a pop culture movement in the United Kingdom that began around 1979 and peaked around