The Glory Remains by Matthias Haker, via 500px

mikapoka: grimed with beauty - Dresden-based young photographer Matthias Haker.yet he proved to have an eye for emphasizing the magical charm of abandoned buildings in his 'Decay' project that fully conveys the exclusive beauty he sees in them.

Beautiful Abandoned Places...Entrance to St Johns Mental Asylum in Bracebridge Heath, England.

The Beauty of Abandon by Andrew Coogan - The grand entrance staircase of the now abandoned St Johns Mental Asylum, Bracebridge Heath, Lincoln UK

Wish I could retrieve these books

I love the chaos, the distress. Like it has a story to tell me. It's like walking through a distant lifetime, seeing the accumulation of so many years, all at once. Wouldn't change a thing.

Abandoned...Schloss Reinhardsbrunn, Germany, former Benedictine abbey, royal castle, WW2 hospital and hotel, photo by rivende via Flickr.

Former Benedictine abbey/monastery (also served as a royal castle, WWII hospital and a hotel), Schloss Reinhardsbrunn, Germany. ouerbacker mansion in louisville kentucky

JAVA: Plants reclaim the ruins of a subterranean mosque in the Tamar Sari, a park built by the first Muslim sultan of Yogyakarta. The city was the royal - and the remains of the cultural - capital of Java.


18 inquietantes y hermosas fotos de edificios abandonados

Dutch photographer Niki Feijen travels the globe looking for abandoned buildings, photographing forgotten structures before they crumble and collapse. A beautiful staircase inside “Chateau de Loup”, an abandoned castle in Belgium.


Love this-nature has taken over. Roof gone, floors gone. Tree growing inside what once was a building, long-since abandoned.

Abandoned château Clochard.

abandoned chateau~ this could be a cool art project for kids. Give them a picture a vibrant place and they have to draw it abandoned.

31 Haunting Places That Prove Nature Is An Unstoppable Force

Bridge to nowhere. 37 Images Of The Eerily Beautiful Way Nature Reclaims What We Humans Abandon


Moth Castle RM fungus on the wall all over this place, which was surprising considering the outside of the castle looks pretty well maintained. It's like time stood still

Kings Theater, New York

54 Still Beautiful Abandoned Buildings around the World ...

I've always been fascinated by abandoned places and the life that's left behind.  abandoned amusement park

Beautiful and creepy abandoned amusement parks.

Funny pictures about Creepy Photos of Abandoned Amusement Parks. Oh, and cool pics about Creepy Photos of Abandoned Amusement Parks. Also, Creepy Photos of Abandoned Amusement Parks.