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At and packed with 30 pounds of extra muscle for 'The Avengers,' Chris Hemsworth certainly looked like the thunder god filming battle scenes for his hit movie. The highly anticipated and star-studded film, 'The Avengers' hits theaters on May


Loki, like Edna Mode, (The Incredibles) knows the secret weakness of all superheroes: Capes.

I love this, how realistic they make it all.  And just think, those people got paid to play all over RDJ's bare chest . . .

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How Tony Stark's Arc reactor was created for the Iron man and Avengers movies -- cameo by Robert Downey Jr.


This part had me dying. Darcy is seriously the funniest character. Well besides Loki. But she said mew mew not mjolnir

LOL!!!:) but it's true

Every time I see this scene in the movie I laugh.The Avengers Movie: Funny Memorable Quotes.

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Sweet. This is why, although Loki can't be my favorite hero because he isn't one, Tom Hiddleston is definitely a favorite actor. <<< So beautifully put!

Good Guy Loki

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In arrivo il primo trailer di Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War: Team Captain America (Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Sharon Carter Agent Falcon and Winter Soldier)